About Me


    Hello, my name is Mark Sheldon, Tennis is my passion and I love it!  From the first time I was able to hit the ball back and forth with my brother Matt, I wanted to play all the time.  When I saw a pro work with some kids at the park, I told myself "I want to do that!"  I gave my first lesson to a couple of girls at Tennis Town and 20 years later, I still love teaching tennis.   I received PTR certification in 1998 to learn how to teach better and more effectively.  Since then I have had tons of students, worked with high school teams, and USTA adult teams. Tennis is a great sport, that is physical, mental, and social.  It's fun as well as challenging, and there is always something we can do to improve some part of our game.  I have helped many others, I would love to help you too!

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