Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Have a Plan Man!

You want to improve volleys, returns, groundies, half volleys all your shots that you want to do in match play, all at once!  Then have a plan!  All the pros, and high level players have a plan.  The points they construct are done so with an idea or blue print of what they want to happen, and anticipate happening.  Like the great chess masters, tennis players need to have a plan of at least three moves (shots) in advance.  When you are setting up to hit a return, use information gathered during the match, or warmup to decide where you are going to hit it i.e cross court, lob, down the line etc.  Then know where you are going to hit your next shot and the next.  When you are standing at the net and your partner is serving or returning know what you are going to do before it happens.  Have a plan in place, and then you can just hit the ball, the hard decisions have already been made!  It makes that return or volley or next shot, just a little bit easier!  So in your next match 'Have a plan man"!  

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