Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Staying ready for the new season!

  Happy New Year!  Are you keeping up with your tennis so you can continue where you left off last season?  I hope so! One of the biggest challenges I have as an instructor (and player) is when Spring finally arrives almost every comes out and says "Oh, it feels like I'm starting over" or "I've lost so much".   So, a great  way to at least maintain what you have  is to hit against a wall.  This will help you continue to keep up with your form and consistency.  Bowling Green parks and rec has put up another hitting wall at Kereiakes Park if you want to get out, and as mentioned before you can always use a racket ball court if the weather is too cold (we have!) There are many things you can work on alone or with a partner.  Try it, it's fun!  Here is a video from Ian at Essential tennis, that has great tips for hitting against a wall.  http://www.essentialtennis.com/backboard-or-wall-hitting-lesson/
We are going to use these ideas the next time we go hit!  I hope you do too! 

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