Monday, February 9, 2015



The Australian Open is over and now it is time to get ready for the new season. (Hopefully it will be here sooner than later!) We got to see some great tennis displayed on our TV's.  Stuff that inspires and motivates! While the feeling is still fresh, we need to use this inspiration.  Most of us every new year try to make some resolutions or try to set some goals.  So, to ring in this new year, what about your tennis goals?  This weeks tip: Make yourself a tennis goal, choose something to work on.  Nothing major, not a bunch of things, but one tennis goal that will make you a better player and have more fun out there on the court.  Choose one thing about your tennis game that you are going to work on this year.  Something that you can start on now early in the season.  Will it be your serve?  You want more power? more kick?  some kick? Better placement?  How about your backhand,  More consistency? Power? slice? topspin? How about volleys, or forhands, overheads?  Strategy? Placement?  Anything?  Choose something this year and make it your goal to make it better.  This will make your workouts more purposeful and the time spent with your pro, more meaningful and measureable!  So set a goal and choose to get better,   choose to improve your tennis, and don't let this year go by without getting all you can from your tennis game, and in the words of Neal Peart "...if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice"!  so choose to make a goal this year!


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