Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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There are many things that can go wrong with your volley i.e. footwork, backswing, watching the ball etc.  The trick is to not flood yourself or overthink everything you are trying to do.  Essentially we are trying to direct the tennis ball to a place in the court on the other side of the net. Not much to it, right?   The volley itself is a simple thing that we all try to overdo.  We think we need to do more than it is, hit it harder, angle it sharper, put more spin on it, take more spin off it, hit deeper, hit shorter, hit it harder, hit it softer, do more.  If you watch the better volleyers like Federer, Hingis and others, the key is simplicity.  The form is short, compact, and focused. 
    How do WE do this?  Let's narrow it down.  I want to zoom in on two things.  (This is all contingent on the premise that you have proper volley form as your foundation: Continental grip, ready position, L shape with racket and arm, watching the tennis ball all the way to the strings etc.) 
    First.  The best thing I have heard in awhile regarding volley racket preparation, is this:  When you are going to hit a volley and you get your racket in position, only move it to the place you are going to contact the ball and go forward from there.  In other words, start your racket at the contact point. Then, go forward. Your backswing stops at the contact point then the racket and you move forward.
     Second.  Go forward.  Move your feet through the volley.
 Set up racket at contact point, split and step into ball make contact, then continue moving forward by moving your back foot forward to split ready position.
    That's it, nothing major, simple.  Please check out this great video by my pal Simon, Click here for Volley Video.  This is the best "How to" volley video I have seen in awhile.  Check it out.
     Next time you are doing volleys, start the racket at contact, and move forward!   That's it! 

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