Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's cold and as I type it is raining out.  Yet, I know within me that it is good to be here, good to have friends and family, and I am thankful.  Today I learned that a friend of ours lost her son in a car accident, he was a good guy and very talented. He was 32.  These, things are tragic and painful, but I hope in light of it we can pause for a minute at least, to realize how lucky we all are.  We are lucky to have each other, and have something in common that we all love, enjoy, and brings us together i.e. tennis.   Tennis to me, is more than something I do, it is who I am.  I love everything about it, and moreover, love its people.  I have met extraordinary individuals in my tenure as a player and as a coach.  And it is warming,  to every so often see past students whom I haven't seen in years, come up and say hi, and that they are still playing or are thinking of playing again, but are always appreciative.  It gives me joy to play with my partner and that we have tennis to share. I know I am very lucky that she will even play with me!   I can't describe how it feels to be able to help a lot of you, play with you and see how you have embraced the game and be a witness as your skills increase.  I know it can sound trite, but I am thankful for it all, and am thankful for all of you who have let me work with you in a game we all love.  My tip for you then, is this:  love the game, appreciate the fact they we are able to come out and indulge ourselves in it, and remember that all of its participants are still members of this large, wonderful, and crazy family.  Who knows, if we can do this, it may even help us play better!

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