Monday, December 8, 2014

It's still cold outside!

      Well gang, if it's not cold it's been wet.  Not at all conducive for our tennis!  So we, have still been visiting our neighborhood racket ball court trying to get some practice in, when we are unable to go outside.  One of the first things we do in the warm up phase is volley-volley.  That is when my partner and I rally back and forth hitting only volleys to each other. You can use a tennis ball, or any of the low compression balls, either will give you good practice.  When doing the drill try to follow the ball totally from racket to racket, see it hit your partners racket, see it hit your racket.  First, just do random volleys keep it going maybe set a goal like hit 50 in a row. Then just do forehands,  then do back hands.  Challenge each other 50, 60, 100 in a row!  If you don't have a partner you can do the same thing using the wall.  Focus on taking little steps, and tracking the ball with your eyes.  Then see how much your volleys will improve!

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