Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Who me?

Spring is here!   You can smell it in the air!   It is an exciting time of year for us tennis fans, the French open coming up, and we are finally able to thaw out and play some tennis!  
    Tennis leagues are beginning , and I know a lot of you are anxious to get going.  One of the great things about our organization the USTA is that it organizes and fosters tennis camaraderie via its league programs.  The USTA oversees a myriad of adult, junior tennis programs and leagues that are played at a community level and expanded nationally.  On a personal level Sandy and I have had the opportunity to play with many different people, in several different communities in our state and others.  The experiences we have had with tennis and the friendships made throughout our travels has been wonderful and fun! 
    Here in Bowling Green and surrounding,  we have a Community Tennis Association (CTA) who's sole purpose is to promote tennis in our area.  Our CTA is the Southern KY Tennis Association (SOKY Tennis).  The USTA and SOKY work together to do things here to promote tennis and make it fun and exciting, by coordination leagues, junior programs and other events here in the area.  Yet, with all the things out there that would be great for SOKY and the USTA to do, they need help.  They need, People.
   People to be team captains, make phone calls, feed balls, help juniors, help adult beginners, run errands, be leaders, be organizers, fill out paper work, send emails, help with marketing, organize programs, run programs, be on committees, find sponsors, write proposals, create business plans, and people that want to do something for tennis here in BG.  My Tip this week?  Be a volunteer, help tennis grow and be more fun here in BG, and you never know you may get more from it that you think!  If you want to help please contact llc@sokytennis.com or let me know!

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