Friday, May 22, 2015

Here Comes the Sun.. dittin doo doo...

    I am not able to hear or say the words "here comes the sun"  without thinking of the song. What a great tune. Thanks George!

    The arrival of the  warm sun is a sign that  Winter is over!  Summer is coming!  Tennis is here!  Yeay!  This truly is the "most wonderful time of the year" for me especially! 
These hot sunny days make me want to grab my favorite doubles partner and play some tennis!  Yet, every time we do, Sandy tells me "don't forget to put on sun screen"!  Which I promptly do.  But, I know I do not do enough to keep myself protected, especially when I am on the court doing lessons.   Click here to read about skin and sun!
  We all have friends and/or family that have had some kind of skin issue from the sun. Hence, we all need to be more careful or we are going to look like Magda in "Something about Mary" or worse!   One of the biggest things is protecting our face, neck and ears from the sun, but I look so very stupid wearing a big floppy hat! 

Yet I know it's something I need to do.  More than that it's something I must do to protect myself.  So go ahead and make fun of me and my stupid hat, ha ha.
 Now go out play some tennis.  Get out in the sun.  Enjoy the day!  But, don't forget to put on your sunscreen this summer, re-apply frequently, and get a big floppy hat!

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