Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fun in Henderson Ky!

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Sandy and I had a great time with the USTA Kentucky board this past weekend.  Sandy is on the board, and I tag along to eat, have fun and provide moral support.  The USTA Kentucky board meets every 3 months or so and discusses issues and determines courses of action for USTA tennis across the state.  This time the meeting was held in Henderson Ky. 
Once Sandy and I arrived, we were welcomed by some of Henderson's tennis enthusiasts at their beautiful tennis facility along the river, the "Doc Hosbach Tennis Center" and were served some great bar-b-que.  After dinner we were taken on a walking tour of some Sculptures that were inspired by the works of John James Audubon.  The tour was conducted by one of the museum's curators, and was fun and informative.
After the tour a few of us decided to take advantage of some local hospitality, by relaxing out on a nice deck, quenching our thirst with a cool beverage, and ruminating about the evenings events.
Upon our mutual agreement that we needed to get up early the next day, our group decided to retire, head back to our rooms, and perhaps partake of the Holiday Inn Express promotion of night time pancakes!  They had a pancake machine, we had to try it!  
The next day began with a quick hotel provided breakfast, and a journey to the  tennis courts at Henderson County High School for kids day.  Oddly enough there were about 6 kids, and about 15 pros!  Several of the pros helped with the kids, then another group decided to get a little hit in, and Terry Bunnell the Prez wanted to know if I would keep the rest of the pros occupied with a few drills. You can't argue with the Prez so I led the pride of pros in a few games.  I just have to say there was a lot of trash talking going on!  But, we all had fun!
When our tennis was concluded, Sandy and I broke off from the group in search of the world's best fried chicken which we heard tell was in this neck of the woods.  According to our research it could be found in a small diner called Bangies.  I highly recommend it.  I don't know if it was the best in the world, but we both agreed that it was the best we ever had! 
With our tummies full, we went to our next destination the
John James Audubon Museum.  When we got there it appeared that a wedding was getting ready to take place.  It was a very nice location and the museum was enjoyable and worth he visit.
For our final excursion we decided to go back to the Blue Grass/Folk Music festival that was taking place back on the river.  It was a nice setting to hear some great music. The wildest thing was, that going on at the same time was a
pole vaulting tournament!  Who would of thought!  Sandy and I watched a good bit of it, and it was pretty exciting!
Needless to say, we had a great time seeing new things and  want to say thank you Henderson for a great weekend! 

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