Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pro Tennis!

          Sandy and I had  a great time in Cincinnati last week.  We got to see everyone we wanted to see play or practice.  We highly recommend to everyone,  go see some great tennis.  It's not that long a drive.  The venue has grown a lot since my friend Will and I went for the first time some 20 years ago.  It has lost some of its intimacy, and ease of getting around.  It has gained popularity and as people learn about how great it is, the more crowded it will become.  Yet, it still is great fun!  Go in the early rounds and you will watch great tennis all day long.  There still are great spots around the place to get close and personal with the players. Maybe not with some of the big names (unless you get to their court way early) but, certainly some great talent to watch and learn. 

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