Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Get out!

The temperature is rising, and the snow is gone.  Hooray!  Now it's time for us to dust off those rackets and shoes and head out to the courts.
So before you start slugging away and rekindling those errant forehands, take a little time to brush up on the basics, and get a little practice time in.
I would suggest a little short court practice.  You know, rallying from just behind the service line.  This is a great time to work on half vollies, slices, chips etc. Then progress to full strokes (still from the service line), slow motion, exaggerating follow throughs and ball watching.  Make sure you do your split steps every time before your partner hits the ball. Move the ball side to side, or work cross court.  If you can sustain this for  a good 8 to 10 mins, you will have a great warm up and maybe even get a little better!  So get out and play!
Please Click Here! to listen to a Podcast by my pal Ian about the importance of short court practice! You can check him out by going to!.  If you would like to see short court in action check out Ian's tutorial by clicking here.

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