Sunday, November 16, 2014

Baby! It's cold outside!

Yes, unfortunately it is getting to be that time of year where for us here in BG it is ever increasingly difficult to play tennis.  As for now we do not have any indoor tennis, so how are we tennis enthusiasts supposed to keep our game and not lose what we have worked so hard through the summer to achieve?  Well one way is to bundle up and play, dressing in layers that can be removed as we get warmer.  I am going to try and use golf gloves to grip the racket and keep my hands warm.  I have also heard of using a sock with the end cut out to slide over your hand and your grip as you play and don't forget to use something to keep your head warm!.  If you all have any other suggestions to keep warm, please let me know and I will share them!   Another option you may consider, if it is too unbearable out in the elements is a racket ball court. There are some courts at BG Parks and Rec downtown, BAC, and some on WKU's campus. There could possibly be others, but I am not aware of them.   We went recently and were able to get a good work out.  We used our tennis rackets foam balls, and real tennis balls.  The work out was great and we were still able to practice some things.  So try to get out there and play, and if its too cold try a racket ball court, I think you will be surprised as to what you can do!  Next week I will submit some of the drills we did so you can try them out.  Hope to see you on the courts!


  1. Unpadded weight training gloves work great. The friction-activated hand warmers are good too.

    Head band ear warmers (not a sweat band) work great for the head and ears - a hat, cap or toboggan minumum.

    Also, keep the heart and feet warm.

    Long johns are great if it's really cold.

    An insulated compartment in your tennis bag will be helpful for storing some of these things.